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Upbeats and Beatdowns

Upbeats and Beatdowns

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Pressed on random-colored recycled vinyl. During the manufacturing process, after a vinyl record is smashed between two steel plates to put the vinyl grooves onto a record, there is excess PVC plastic, or “flash” that gets trimmed off and trashed. Flash from different vinyl jobs then either get tossed into a landfill, or are specially-requested to be melted together & reused to make a new, kinda-ugly, marble-y-looking, hand poured record, often known as a “random color” variant. Color mixtures will be completely, unpredictably random, including (sometimes) black-looking vinyl.

Jonathan Berlin remastered for vinyl and digital to sound consistent between all of the albums. Digital file includes MP3 and WAV

Upbeats and Beatdowns is Five Iron Frenzy's debut full-length album, released April 8th, 1996 on 5 Minute Walk.

  1. Old West
  2. Where the Zero Meets 15
  3. Cool Enough For You
  4. Anthem
  5. Faking Life
  6. Shut Up
  7. Arnold and Willis and Mr. Drummond
  8. I Feel Lucky
  9. Milestone
  10. Beautiful America
  11. Combat Chuck
  12. Amalgamate
  13. Everywhere I Go (Amy Grant cover)
  14. A Flowery Song
  15. Third World Think Tank
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