Quantity is Job 1


Five Iron Frenzy's third release is an 17 song EP featuring the infamous "Rock Opera" known as "These Are Not My Pants." Oddly enough this would only end up being the second stupidest thing the band has done. The Quantity is Job 1 EP was released November 3, 1998 on 5 Minute Walk.

  1. My Evil Plan to Save the World
  2. All That is Good
  3. Dandelions
  4. One Girl Army
  5. Sweet Talkin' Woman
  6. When I Go Out
  7. Get Your Riot Gear
  8. The Untimely Death of Brad
  9. These Are Not My Pants (Latin)
  10. These Are Not My Pants (Piano)
  11. These Are Not My Pants (Country)
  12. These Are Not My Pants (Rock)
  13. These Are Not My Pants (Jazz)
  14. These Are Not My Pants (Reggae)
  15. These Are Not My Pants (Weird)
  16. These Are Not My Pants (Rap
  17. When I Go Out / Kingdom of the Dinosaurs (Hidden Track)

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