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Engine of a Million Plots

Engine of a Million Plots

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Pressed on random-colored recycled vinyl. During the manufacturing process, after a vinyl record is smashed between two steel plates to put the vinyl grooves onto a record, there is excess PVC plastic, or “flash” that gets trimmed off and trashed. Flash from different vinyl jobs then either get tossed into a landfill, or are specially-requested to be melted together & reused to make a new, kinda-ugly, marble-y-looking, hand poured record, often known as a “random color” variant. Color mixtures will be completely, unpredictably random, including (sometimes) black-looking vinyl.

The first release since our 2003 break-up

  1. Against a Sea of Troubles
  2. So Far
  3. Zen & the Art of Xenophobia
  4. We Own the Skies
  5. Someone Else's Problem
  6. I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge
  7. To Start a Fire
  8. Battle Dancing Unicorns with Glitter
  9. Into Your Veins
  10. It was a Dark & Stormy Night
  11. I've Seen the Sun
  12. Blizzards & Bygones


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