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All The Hype That Money Can Buy

All The Hype That Money Can Buy

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Pressed on random-colored recycled vinyl. During the manufacturing process, after a vinyl record is smashed between two steel plates to put the vinyl grooves onto a record, there is excess PVC plastic, or “flash” that gets trimmed off and trashed. Flash from different vinyl jobs then either get tossed into a landfill, or are specially-requested to be melted together & reused to make a new, kinda-ugly, marble-y-looking, hand poured record, often known as a “random color” variant. Color mixtures will be completely, unpredictably random, including (sometimes) black-looking vinyl.

Jonathan Berlin remastered for vinyl and digital to sound consistent between all of the albums. Digital file includes MP3 and WAV

Following the departure of guitarist and main songwriter, Scott Kerr, Five Iron Frenzy took the opportunity on their third full-length release to explore an eclectic approach to their sound and production by crafting songs with distinct polka, salsa, and even hair metal influences, while still maintaining their signature sound. All the Hype That Money Can Buy was released on April 25, 2000, on Five Minute Walk under their SaraBellum imprint.

  1. The Greatest Story Ever Told
  2. Me Oh My
  3. Solidarity
  4. The Phantom Mullet
  5. Ugly Day
  6. Fahrenheit
  7. Four-Fifty-One
  8. You Probably Shouldn't Move Here
  9. Hurricanes
  10. Giants
  11. I Still Like Larry
  12. All the Hype
  13. It's Not Unusual (Tom Jones cover)
  14. A New Hope
  15. World Without End
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