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The End is Near

The End is Near

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First Time on Vinyl!


Pressed on random-colored recycled vinyl. During the manufacturing process, after a vinyl record is smashed between two steel plates to put the vinyl grooves onto a record, there is excess PVC plastic, or “flash” that gets trimmed off and trashed. Flash from different vinyl jobs then either get tossed into a landfill or are specially requested to be melted together & reused to make a new, kinda-ugly, marble-y-looking, hand-poured record, often known as a “random color” variant. Color mixtures will be completely, unpredictably random, including (sometimes) black-looking vinyl.

Jonathan Berlin remastered for vinyl and digital to sound consistent between all of the albums. Digital file includes MP3 and WAV

Self-released June 18, 2003, The End is Near was intended to be the fifth and final full-length studio album from Five Iron Frenzy. The album was originally sold exclusively at shows on their Summer Festival Tour and subsequent farewell tour later that Fall. 

  1. Cannonball
  2. At Least I'm Not Like All Those Other Old Guys
  3. So Far, So Bad
  4. New Years Eve
  5. American Kryptonite
  6. It Was Beautiful
  7. Wizard Needs Food, Badly
  8. Farewell To Arms
  9. See The Flames Begin To Crawl
  10. Anchors Away
  11. Something Like Laughter
  12. That's How The Story Ends
  13. On Distant Shores
  14. The Cross of St. Andrew (Bonus Track)
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