Engine of a Million Plots - Compact Disc


Remember CDs? They were those things you spent all your money on in the 90's. Remember? No? Well, thats fine because this isn't a CD. This is a Compact Disc.  It comes with all 12 new songs on specially designed disc wrapped up in a two-pocketed, uncoated paper jacket with a 12 page lyric booklet.

  • Against a Sea of Troubles
  • So Far
  • Zen & the Art of Xenophobia
  • We Own the Skies
  • Someone Else's Problem
  • I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge
  • To Start a Fire
  • Battle Dancing Unicorns with Glitter
  • Into Your Veins
  • It was a Dark & Stormy Night
  • I've Seen the Sun
  • Blizzards & Bygones

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