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Cheeses of Nazareth

Cheeses of Nazareth

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This is the single stupidest thing Five Iron Frenzy has ever put out. What starts out as an interesting collection of rarities, unreleased songs, and demos from the band's previous releases quickly turns into a sequence of about 19 to 20 "songs" seemingly made up on the spot. Cheeses of Nazareth was released April 22, 2003 on 5 Minute Walk.

Do not buy this album. It is a car crash you wish never happened but you can't look away from. 

  1. Kamikaze
  2. Rhubarb Pie
  3. Marty
  4. Fistful of Sand" (live)
  5. Four Kids in Memphis
  6. Mind for Treason
  7. Cool Enough for You" (demo version)
  8. 3rd World Think Tank" (demo version)
  9. Old West" (demo version)
  10. Burn – 3:34
  11. Left
  12. Never Ask Us to Play This
  13. Dog Food
  14. When I See Her Face
  15. Abraham Lincoln Beard (First Movement)
  16. Praise the Lord
  17. Give Me Back My Sandwich
  18. Omnivores for Mediocrity
  19. That Tastes Horrible
  20. No Grandma = Know Grandma
  21. Stinky Hippy
  22. Abraham Lincoln Beard (Second Movement)
  23. It's So Hot (I'm Gonna Have a Heat Stroke)
  24. Thea and the Singing Telegram
  25. How's About Some Milk?
  26. Donkey Basketball
  27. Screams in the Night
  28. Pootermobile
  29. Abraham Lincoln Beard (Third Movement)
  30. Mayonnaise Taco Monday
  31. Chew Water
  32. Metal Rules!
  33. Five Iron Is Stupid
  34. Hidden Track
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